Google Ads Smart Bidding uses machine learning and your account data to help you do what?

  • Prevent your total spend from surpassing the hard limit you set.
  • Let you adjust your bids manually, so you’re visible when customers are looking for you.
  • Make informed bidding decisions and value mobile accurately.
  • Limit your bids to the times of day when competition for ad space is lowest.

Explanation: Smart Bidding is a set of conversion-based bid strategies — Target cost per acquisition (tCPA), Target return on ad spend (tROAS) and Enhanced cost per click (eCPC) — that uses advanced machine learning to help you tailor the right bid to each and every auction.

It factors in a wide range of auction-time signals including browser, device, location, time, remarketing list, language, and operating system to capture the unique context of every search.

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