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Some questions and answers



A client who wants to advertise before, during, or after popular videos on the Display Network should:

  • create a video ad campaign
  • add the keyword “video” to relevant campaigns
  • bundle display ads for each target audience
  • add a call-to-action (CTA) overlay to video ads


You’re an agency that needs to know the technical speci cations to build and implement your upcoming video campaign. Where can you go to nd out how each ad format works creative submission timelines, technical speci cations, reporting, and third-party tracking capabilities?

  • Through the third-party request form
  • In the Google Ads Help Center
  • In the Google Display Speci cations site
  • Through a Google representative


What does digital media offer that TV advertising does not?

  • Reach
  • Real-time optimization
  • Upfront deals
  • Demographic targeting