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Mobile Exam

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Question 1 of 70

Your company has chosen a third-party app analytics service and they happen to be a part of the App Attribution Partners program. In order to share data between Google Ads and your partner’s platform, what do you need to do?

  • Consider a partner that is not part of the program, as it is not possible.
  • Establish a server-to-server connection using postback URLs.
  • Generate a link ID and share it with your partner.
  • Export and share the data as a CSV le.Explanation: To link between AdWords and our App Attribution Partner, you’ll just need to generate a link ID in AdWords. You’ll share that with your third-party provider or enter it directly into their platform.

    Question 2 of 70

    Call conversions, which can be tracked by businesses in eligible countries, can be used to track calls from users who visited a website from any source.

    • False • True

    Explanation: Google provides a unique phone number that’s displayed with your ads. If a potential customer calls this phone number (Not just arrive on website from any source), AdWords will route the call to your business phone number. You’ll then be able to see detailed reports about calls generated from your ads.

    Question 3 of 70

    What is a simple way to target ads to mobile users when they’re near your physical store locations?

  • Target a radius around your Google My Business location(s).
  • Target speci c users you know live near your store.
  • Target users you know have called your Google Ads call-only ad.
  • Target a radius around your city.Explanation: I want to target a radius around the locations in my Google My Business pro le, so I click Radius. I then enter a place, name, address, or coordinates.